Friday, August 24, 2007

Hints at High School Musical 3 Release

High School Musical 2 is truly a monster hit! The Disney musical’s success has grown even more with attractions at the Disney parks and plans for a theatrical third movie. Oddly enough, before HSM2 was released this year it was announced that High School Musical 3 would be promoted to the theaters instead of a made-for-tv movie, and would center around the characters’ adventure in a haunted house. The preliminary title was Haunted High School Musical.

However, TV Guide has announced that the studio's plans for High School Musical 3 have changed. It will still be released in the theaters only the haunted house theme has been removed from the script concept.

High School Musical 3 will be centered on 'the fast-growing 'kids' senior year.' The original goal was to have the release ready by late fall of 2008. Whether the up-and-coming stars can get back together within that time remains to be seen. We all know what happened to the Lizzie McGuire franchise - imploded on demands for money. If Zac and Venessa start chiming for more dollars we might see a big fizzle. Time will tell.


High School Musical 3