Saturday, December 22, 2007

Zac Efron Flirts with Fans

In Touch Weekly noted that Zac Efron was "flirting up a storm" with many girls at the Dec. 1st Slightly Stupid concert who "gave Zac their phone numbers and he made no reference to having a girlfriend."

This is probably old news to Vanessa Hudgens, his current girlfriend, who noted that she likes Zac's recent Rolling Stone cover. "The girls like it", she said.

Friday, December 21, 2007

High School Musical 3 Production May Be Delayed

Jim Hill Media, an entertainment industry news source, has noted that High School Musical 3's starting production date has been moved from January 2008 to April due to the current writer's strike. With most TV shows and movies now suffering from the strike, getting the HSM3 script into a finalize state may come even later.

Mr. Hill's Disney insiders noted: "We had hoped that the 'High School Musical 3' screenplay that was delivered just prior to the start of the strike would be shootable, but this thing is seriously in need of a rewrite. But as long as the Writer's Guild remains out on strike, we're not allowed to change a single word of this script. So right now, we're stuck."

With the announcement of the Hannah Montana movie production starting in 2008 as well, Disney may find themselves in a very tough situation. These two blockbusters are huge profit generators for 2008 and could jepordize the excitement for both.

Please read more here at Jim Hill Media!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pregnancy Shocker for Zoey - Jamie Lynn Spears

Unbelievably it is true. The Spears family has yet another issue to deal with. Jamie Lynn Spears of Zoey 101 fame is now pregnant. The father, Casey Aldridge, has been her boyfriend for years. His mother noted:

"We are aware of the recent interview regarding her and being pregnant, and we are in agreement with everything that was said by Jamie Lynn about the situation ... everything is fine."

Wow! More can be found at the MTV Site.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Vanessa Hudgens in Washington DC

Guess who's walking the streets of Washington DC these days? That's right! Venessa Hudgens is in town to work on the taping of the TNT special, "Christmas in Washington".

Seen out shopping, getting some Starbucks and strolling through the city, Hudgens is starring with Katharine McPhee, Colbie Caillat and others in the TV special performance.

Arriving in Washington yesterday she was looking more like a fashion style icon. Currently, Vanessa is searching for a new home in Hollywood and trying to get her drivers license.

More information can be found at Gossip Girls!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Johnny Depp Talks about High School Musical 3

With the new Tim Burton musical movie, Sweeney Todd, just opening who would think that Johnny Depp would mention High School Musical 3? During an interview with Entertainment Tonight Johnny Depp was asked if he would ever think of starring with the cast of HSM3. "Yeah, I'd play somebody's grandfather!", he said.

Father of two children, Jack and Lily-Rose, Depp notes that he sings in Sweeney Todd for Tim Burton but "there's no reason for me to do it again." Recently honored with a Best Director award from the National Board Of Review, the film is getting good reviews!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Vanessa Hudgens Talks!

Vanessa Hudgens talked about show business, celebrities and High School Musical 3.

Vanessa said that she has always wanted to be an entertainer, but she would rather skip the celebrity part.

"I became an actress and started singing and dancing because I truly loved it," said Vanessa. "I did it because I genuinely enjoy doing it."

"I did not want to be a celebrity. … I think fame is just something that comes along when you are in something that is such a success."

"Fame is an interesting thing but my fans are very supportive and I thank them so much."

"It is a dog-eat-dog world," said the singer. "People want to know about people's business; no one really has a sense of privacy because everyone is trying to get into your business.

"And people become jaded and infatuated with Hollywood. I think it happens to a lot of celebrities and it messes with their head."

Vanessa said the extra attention is not for her. "I don't like people staring at me all the time and I don't want people following me around," she said.


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