Friday, September 18, 2009

Vanessa Hudgens Nude Photos Scandal Interview in Allure

Allure Magazine recently published an interview with Vanessa Hudgens where she talks specifically about her nude photo scandal and the desire to get more adult roles in film.

When naked pictures surfaced in 2007 of Hudgens she quickly apologized and tried to distance herself from the scandal. Feeling violated and overly scrutinized, she hopes that others won't have to deal with these kinds of pressures.

Pick up a copy of Allure Magazine to read the full intervew. Here is their cool photoshoot of her: Vanessa Hudgens Photo Shoot She claims she's 'still not used to her new bangs'.


adam said...

New uncensored Vanessa Hudgens Scandal video again! WATCH HERE It looks like she can't live without scandals)))


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